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styling workshop.

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I’d like to invite you to a special workshop - "BK Coming out of the closet"

Over the past few years, I have split my time between Tel Aviv, New York, and Boston, where I was privileged to work with hundreds of customers who opened up their "private closet" for me.

I’ll talk about the most meaningful encounters I have had, what I learned from them and why they remained deep in my heart. We'll talk about the change we've done together. An external change that always brings an inner transformation as well.

So let's meet in an evening full of colors, tips, humor and lots of inspiration - I promise it will be fun.

My name is Tali, a Personal Shopper. This job fulfills my desire to deal with the things I love most: Fashion, shopping and helping people look their best. I can’t describe in words the feeling I experience after a successful styling process in which my clients feel brighter, refreshed, with more confidence and higher self-esteem


"Yesterday, over an evening full of women, chic, little tears and with one beautiful bang, she went on stage. There were no clothes on a rack, no body shape discussions, and no-color concepts - on a small stage she brought herself as she is. Her life, the colors she chose to paint the challenges of her life, the cameraman behind the lens, the pains alongside the joys and the choice to get up every morning and dress because the clothes have power! The power to heal, the power to overcome, the power to believe, the power to create. when the evening was over I hugged her tight and understood I was at the right place"


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