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Ayelet Biger Levin to Tali BK Personal Styling

July 2 at 4:56pm

A story about body image and transformation.

From a very early age I had struggled with body image. I have always heard “if you were just a few pounds less, you would be so..” I have always envied those larger women who just put on amazing cloths and looked stunning and full of confidence. Not me. I had to wait until a certain number showed up on the scale to feel worthy of these new or nice cloths. Tali helped me change that.

My journey started a year ago, I was actually pretty close to that number on the scale and got a present for my birthday – a session with Tali. By the time I booked the session with her (6 months later), I was again far from that number. Tali came to my house and help me sort through my closet. This session Tali will help you refresh the closet, and provide tips and matches for things that go well together. After two kids and not much shopping in between, not much was left to work with. When Tali came to my house I gave her total freedom. It was time to let go of the old me and introduce new energies into my life. We decided to move on to a day of shopping together.

When we went shopping together, 2 months later, I was pounds and pounds away from my “scale number”. And that’s where the real transformation happened. We bought close that were 1-2 sized above what i would normally “agree” to buy. I just followed Tali with full confidence in her, tried on everything she advised me to try on, let her select my cloths and picked new cloths we both loved. It was through conversation, attention and careful intuition, that she learned what I will like, what I need and selected perfect matches for me. I dared to add colors to my very conservative black and blue closet, even for winter. After shopping together Tali sent me a handbook full of matching options, which i use to continue to match even new cloths i buy on occasion.

Tali Brukarz Katav, this experience was amazing. Thank you for you warmth and confidence, sensitivity and caring. For showing me that regardless of the number on the scale, I can look, and more important FEEL great.

I am sure I am not the only one who has the “scale number” issue. If any of you are like me, I highly recommend to work with Tali and bring change to YOU.

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