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shopping day.

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When was the last time you actually had fun shopping and ended up buying exactly the right things?
If you don’t feel comfortable with what you usually buy or if you don’t know where to buy and when – this workshop is just for you.
So how do we start?  We meet for coffee – I want to get to know you – your personality, your lifestyle, the things you love and finally set the expectations so we both are on the same page and you feel comfortable with the process.
Personal styling is based on highlighting your best assets. We will work with these assets to build you a new look that aligns with your personality, your needs, and style.
I love to shop, and I promise – I’m a fun shopping partner! I'll plan the trip, and as we go along, I’ll teach you some practical skills about how to flatter your body type in order to enhance your appearance. Finally, just as importantly, talk about the secrets of the right accessories that can instantly upgrade any look.

I'll show you

  • How to save time during shopping

  • How to avoid fashion mistakes

  • Which stores to visit and which to avoid

  • Which colors suit you best in order to create the image you’d like to project

  • And most importantly – how to enjoy the experience of shopping while staying within your budget 

The workshop is suitable for all ages.


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