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closet assessment.


Think about it – at least once a day, do you find yourself second guessing your physical appearance?

Did I choose the right shirt?
What colors look good on me?
Do these pants make me look fat?

And then there are those days where we just feel “on”!  Suddenly it seems that everyone is complimenting us, smiling at us, we feel like a model in a tv commercial!  When we love our appearance, we smile, and at that moment we are at our best, and people notice!  I want to help you make every day an “on” day – and give you the secrets of knowing how to make it happen. 
So how do we start?  We meet for coffee – I want to get to know you – your personality, your lifestyle, the things you love and finally set the expectations so we both are on the same page and you feel comfortable with the process.
Personal Styling is based on highlighting your best assets.
We will work with these assets to build you a new look that aligns with your personality, your needs, and style.
No matter what kind of body type you have, or what size you wear, there is a style of clothing that suits you best.
Once we get our plan set, our next step is to reassess and rebuild your existing wardrobe!  Sometimes there are outfits that absolutely must go because they aren’t serving you well and can be donated, but you’d be surprised how many hidden treasures you have stuck away in your closet:
That silk scarf you got for your birthday and never got around to exchanging and have no idea how to wear it.
That vintage blazer you picked up at a sample sale but never dared to throw over a pair of jeans.
That chunky beaded necklace that always seemed a bit too loud.
I will find these and make sure they will fulfill their destiny of making you look great!
Together we will analyze what pieces work for your body and create new outfit combinations with what you already have.  We will talk about types of fabric, colors and what best suits the image you want to project. And finally, just as importantly, talk about secrets of the right accessories that can instantly upgrade any look.
The workshop is suitable for all ages.


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